Electric cars for Kids

Electric cars for Kids

History of Electric cars and Kids electric cars
First electric car made by Thomas Parker who was lived in London in 1884 being the innovator of electric car ,using his own specially designed big capacity rechargeable batteries.
Electric cars were populated in the late 19th century, when the electricity was among the preferred methods for automobile force, providing ease of operation that could not be gained by the gasoline cars at that time.

Large production of gasoline vehicles tend to reduce the price of that vehicle affected to reduce the vehicle prices half of electric vehicles.It lead to went out of production in the USA in 1920 and uses for taxies most in the times in London.

Some European countries tried to produce electric cars during the world war time (1955) but technology was not sufficient enough such as “Henry Kilowatt”.

Considering high air pollution(decreasing quality of air) due to gasoline –engine vehicle’s USA Congress passed a Electric Vehicle Development Act of 1966 that provides for electric car research by universities and laboratories.

Electric cars introduced in 18th century as discussed earlier ,But popular in 19th and 20th century due to high volume of production of gasoline vehicles in cheaper price and most popular vehicles in different brands. After the energy crisis and reduction intend of greenhouse gas pollution and government subsidies, tax credits and other incentives towards electric vehicle demand and supply increased automatically.

Electric cars are support large reduction of oil usages, oil price volatility and greenhouse gas emissions. But also it’s having some limitations like lack of charging stations; it’s getting more time to charge the battery as 30 minutes, run out batteries before get passengers destinations and high purchasing price other than gasoline vehicles.
Recently, there has been a rapid growth in selling thirty models of electric cars across the world mostly western and eastern countries which is record of more than 700,000/- cars have been sold since 2008 while most popular car becoming the “Nissan leaf”.In October month 195000/- sales of “leaf” within 46 countries around the world

Kids are the important thing anyone's life in the world in any country. Every mothers and fathers give the priority to their children in their life.
Specially parents care about meals,protection,education and do the best for the happiness of their children.
Parents hang birds pillows on the court,when the kids become two and three months to make identify colors to kids eyes at the first stage.Then after two three months ,parents give small toys with small sounds.baby brain grow by learning these kind of colors and sounds.

Then after two three months, parents giving Balls,Bats,teddy bears,dolls,small bicycles,Small riding cars to enjoy kids.

electric cars arrived After the 1920 instead of regular gasoline cars.So innovators kept a step to create a electric cars for kids since riding car is very hard to the small children.Mostly Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Aston Martin, Porsche brands produced electric cars for kids.This was marketed and parents tend to buy electric cars for kids to keep the children happy.So,now a days electric cars for kids are very popular in kids toys world.

Electric cars for kids are very simple and no need more technology required operate and repair.Its usually consist of a battery, throttle controller and electric motor.The electric battery gives the power to the electric motor. When the kid pushes the pedal, it adjusts the amount of power sent to the motor to ride the car.

When Buying a kids's electric car, it is better to give priority to popular manufacturer to be sure of the quality of the goods. Because they will assure good materials and protection of the rider very well.This site will guide you step by step about electric cars for children types, operating,security,features,repairs.

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